Start Up

Today we have a very large number of Best Online Casino Picks and probably a beginner might find some difficulty to get to the right place where to play the games. Actually, all casinos may look the same as they are of course very colorful and lively and most of them offer the same games.

Before to start up it’s necessary to go through a good search of the right casino. Comparisons among different casinos may help a lot to see any difference. You should also check the customer service and contact it just to make a try and see if it’s prompt in communications.

Another factor to help you select a casino, is the payment method: check if the casino accept your card or bank account.

But maybe something that not everyone knows is that the bonus system can differ from casino to casino. So, you may decide if a casino is the right one for you according to the kind of bonuses it offers.

Registration & Casino Versions

Before to enter a casino to play your favorite games, you should also visit a few reviews to get more info about how the casino system works, we suggest you to visit the Global Live Casino review.

If you are a beginner, you probably need to try a few games in order to see if you like playing in casino. for this reason, you should register and create your own account on that casino. At this point, after you are done filling the few fields on the online form, you can try the flash version of the casino.

You will see that there are two different versions available: the flash version is the best to try the games without playing for real money, it allows you to experience a game and decide if you want to quit or go on with it. The integral version is the complete version of the casino and it’s particularly recommended for professional gamblers who want to play for real money and for all those users who are already familiar with the games they want to play.


As said, the bonuses differ from casino to casino. Not only for how often they can be given to the gamblers, but also for the quality. Actually, many bonuses are limited to a certain deadline: you have to make sure to use this kind of bonuses within the given deadline, otherwise it will expire. The easiest bonuses to use are the non limited ones: you can use these bonuses at any time.

Moreover, each bonus works on particular conditions that can vary a lot, so make sure to know them before to use a bonus.