Must See Roulette Movies

Roulette has always been attractive. It has been attractive to gamblers as well as to movie directors because of how exciting it is to watch a ball spin around on a wheel and wonder where it is going to drop. A significant amount of exhilaration can be felt when the ball begins bouncing around on the different numbers until it is finally on a single number.

All of this excitement has made it to the big screen on many occasions. When you want to see roulette in action in a movie, there are a few must-sees.

Casablanca is a movie classic. Out in 1942, it features Humphrey Bogart inside of Rick’s Café American. The dealer is aware that the roulette wheel is fixed and often hits 22 more than the other numbers. Bogart, the café’s owner, tells a luckless player to put his money on 22 and when the player wins, his life takes an all new direction.

Casino, which came out in 1995 takes a more glamorous look at casinos. It features Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone. The story takes place in Las Vegas and the plot lines include greed, murder, deception and power. The move was directed by Martin Scorsese and has become a very popular movie with those who dream of going to Las Vegas to live the “glamorous” lifestyle that gambling movies often portray.

Whether a person is inspired to spin the roulette wheel because of Casablanca, Casino or some other classic roulette movie, there is no need to visit an actual casino in Las Vegas or anywhere else on the planet. There is the possibility to play in the comfort of one’s own home with an online casino.

Jackpotjoy offers classic roulette where players are able to place inside and outside bets around a European wheel. There are 36 numbers as well as a single zero, which is for house odds. The players can bet as little as £1 or as much as 1,000 per spin. Depending upon the bet that is placed, players have the opportunity to win anywhere between 2 times and 36 times their bet. The game is non-stop action because betting is done quickly and the ball is all automated because of being online.

Players on Jackpotjoy enjoy playing roulette on the computer just as much as they do in person at a casino. The premise and the betting is the same. The bets can be placed by clicking on the areas of the board. When a win comes, the money is automatically deposited into the player’s casino account.

The fun never stops as long as the ball keeps moving. Roulette movies have made the game more popular and there is always a crowd gathered around a roulette wheel.